Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Say We Oblige Nidal hassan

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Nidal Hassan is a coward. He armed himself and shot numerous fellow soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas. They were not armed and he knew it would be easy pickings. In short, it was an act of terror even though Obama and his cronies dubbed it "work place violence". Workplace violence to me is when someone doesn't get a promotion or gets fired and loses it because of that. Terrorism is when a pig like Hassan screams "Allahu akhbar" and intentionally kills US soldiers.

So now Hassan wants to be a citizen of ISIS. I say we oblige him. Follow me here. I say we wait until we can locate and terminate ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and spread the rumor that we located him through a contact set up by Hassan. We say Hassan turned and was working with us surreptitiously and his contacts allowed us to find the ISIS main man and eliminate him. Then we set Hassan free in northern Iraq and let them welcome him to the caliphate.

Now that is one beheading video I'd watch in its entirety.

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