Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Links

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What you should be reading when the thunder storms hit today:

-John Kerry was for Bashar Assad before he recently turned against him. I understand that diplomacy is two nations fucking each other but Kerry was really pro Assad. BTW, the nation Kerry dissed earlier this week intercepted some intel indicating that the Assad regime did indeed order the attacks.

-Syria asked the UN for cover. Imagine if this goes to a vote and Obama loses, that would be an embarrassment of epic proportions. Then if he attacks, he's going to literally be a unilateralist. For the record, there were 17 resolutions passed by the UN against Iraq before Bush authorized attack.

-Ace puts the wood to Buzzfeed's Ben Smith and NBC's Chuck Todd.

-The Border Patrol named a boat after Agent Brian Terry. Terry was killed by guns that the Obama administration allowed to be "walked" into Mexico and then were lost. They've tuned up at numerous shootings including the one in which Terry was killed. The questions surrounding his death have not been adequately answered.

-NY Post: Why are major media outlets ignoring best-selling author Mark Levin? Because Levin writes about freedom, prosperity and patriotism--all things anathema to what liberals believe. Next question.

-Happy labor day: Citing Obamacare, 40,000 longshoremen leave the AFL-CIO.

-We knew the anti-war protesters were not protesting the act of war per se but were instead political shills for the Democrats. They hated Bush more than our sworn enemies. How many protests have we seen for Syria, Yemen, Libya and so on?

-Another Republican-led state ends up in the black. Govs. Haley, Walker, Perry and Pence show what can happen when conservative principles are applied and adhered to.

-College recap: So what did we learn?

+Teddy Bridgewater was 23-28 for 355 and 5 TD's. This dude is the real deal.
+Georgia is on the ropes early and the Gamecocks are pretty darn good.
+Temple was game against ND but the Owls still have a way to go.
+Johnny Manziel is an a-hole but he sure can play.
+PSU may be rebounding. It would be nice to see the Lions beat a ranked opponent or two this year.

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