Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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The last Sunday of summer.

This was the worst weekend of the year to be a kid not at all anticipating going back to school.

Anyway, here's what is going on:

-Hillary Clinton has been silent on Syria and for good cause. The Obama strategy is incoherent and constantly changing, what she says now will be used in 2016 if things go bad and she's partially responsible for where we are by not reacting to it back when she was the head honcho at Foggy Bottom. Her non-repsonse to the Benghazi incident and her shameful responses to congress show that she is not only an ineffective leader but show her to be a political animal of the worst kind.

-It's no wonder the State Department is a mess when we give big money bundlers ambassadorships in the capitals of important allies. I mean, look at this buffoon Obama chose to represent us in London. Does he look like an ambassador or does he look like the captain of a bowling team? The Brits don't seem to be warming to him.

-Dr. Krauthammer has his say on the dithering over the Syria issue.

-Kerry Picket filling in for the ailing Jim Hoft notes that women are selling positive pregnancy tests on Craig's List. Because nothing says I love and trust you and want to marry you like a woman lying about being pregnant to her significant other. 

-I love how liberals try to revise history to their advantage. My all time favorite is when they try to tell us that it was the democrats who pushed through the Civil Rights Act when in fact people like Al Gore's dad fought hard against it but I digress. Today we have something called Karoli at hard left site Crooks and Liars actually saying that the IRS scandal was "created by the Tea Party". Okay you fucking moron, how about we revisit this made up scandal, shall we? Groups with names that included "liberty" or "tea party" were flagged and subjected to harsher scrutiny than were those who were liberal-leaning. Leaders of those groups were forced to undergo audit after audit because they were associated with said groups. And finally, the IRS admitted that they did all these things. I don't see how this can be any clearer. This is a real scandal, not something made up like the Valerie Plame affair. Real people exercising their God-given rights were singled out by the government (in an orchestrated way) because of their views. That's about as un-American as it gets but to the intellectually deficient left it's just not that big a deal...until a Republican does it.

- Has any politician imploded faster than Marco Rubio without being involved in a scandal? The immigration issue is a big deal to conservatives and Republicans and Rubio's stance destroyed a lot of good will he had built up. 

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