Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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Happy hump day.

-Maureen Dowd (like the NY Times) ceased being readable about 15-years ago. She had the snark factor but that wore off quickly and all that was left was a miserable hack who tries to be hip and intelligent and fails on both counts. How bad is it? So bad that she's making up quotes said by the wife of a NY mayoral hopeful. But poor MoDo is so inane at this whole newspaper thing that she didn't realize the woman she attributed the quote to recorded the whole conversation and what Modo said she said she didn't say. She used a lame defense to get out of it too.

-Traitor to the country and Assange butt-boy Bradley Manning will do 35 years at Leavenworth. Hope you enjoy you treasonous fuck. Of course, anyone who hates America is quickly forgiven by the left in this country and Obama hasn't ruled out a pardon.

-The jobs problem is getting worse. I'm guessing the next BLS jobs report will show another million who "gave up looking for work" and fell off the rolls.

-A black teen shot a white baseball player because he was bored. By the Lefts standards, he's also an avowed racist. BTW, Jesse Jackson has spoken and he "frowns upon" the cold-blooded murder. Just let me know when the rally to support the white kids family is, Jesse, you racist pig.

-Global warming is just on a "pause"...for a decade. So all the BS we've been fed for ten years has been a lie. I believe I've mentioned this every so often...for the last ten years.

-Democrat Congresswoman Norton shows that corruption is so ingrained in Washington she actually left a message asking for a bride on a lobbyist's voicemail:

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