Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Night News & Notes

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How about a quick hitter since I'm taking my beautiful wife to dinner?

-I love how every thing us on the right say is racist, homophobic and misogynist but not a peep from the leftist idiots when this is uttered by one of their own:

-Sidney Leathers had sex in her porno with a dude who may be HIV positive. Just desserts and stuff. As an aside, it's nice to know that ugly, fat chicks can still find work in an industry that generally has thin, hot ones. I guess porn is an equal opportunity business. (Link NSFW)

-We all know that the one liberals and Democrats fear most is Ted Cruz. The guy has the balls and charisma to change things in a fundamental way. We've not had anyone like that since Reagan. Every single day we see some hack writing about the evil that is Senator Cruz. Well, at least he'll be well vetted. Today it's some bullshit that he's a traitor to his class.

-I have to call bullshit on Tom Coburn here. The GOP have been complete pussies when dealing with Obama and Coburn is trying to play tough but knows what he's calling for will never happen. 

-Some MSNBC host is confused as to why us evil, nasty right-wingers are "racializing" the death of a guy who was killed by a black racist because he was bored. Oh yeah, Christopher Lane was jogging and this thug shot him from behind. Funny, I guess there was no "racializing" going on when a Hispanic guy shot a Black guy in self defense and NBC edited the 911 tape to make it sound like a racial issue, right? BTW, it's a shocker that MSNBC is down 22% from a level that was horrid before.

-BTW, scientist's who've made their living off the hoax that is global warming are at a loss to explain exactly why it's not, you know, warming. But they are 95% sure that it's caused by man because if they admit that they were scamming us, that golden goose gets cooked. And I'm 95% sure the Eagles are going to win the Superbowl (TM) and I'm gonna hit the lottery. 

-So some Irish lass Lewinsky's two dudes in the crowd at an Eminem show and the pics go viral. The old stud versus slut argument ensues. The girl's in high school BTW and the age of consent is 17, however, sharing the pics of someone under 18 is considered distributing child porn. 

-And finally, we still hate Obamacare.

-It's not that long now...

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