Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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Happy Tuesday. Unfortunately it's only Tuesday, which means us poor bastards have to get up and work for the next three days. 

Anyway, here's what's going on in this screwed up world:

-John Kerry decided that those who were responsible for the death of four men in Benghazi are really not that much at fault and deserve their jobs back because the State Department investigation itself and found itself without fault. According to spokesperson Marie Harf “The people who were ultimately responsible were the terrorists who perpetrated the attack on us,” I seem to recall that when 9/11 happened you extended George W. Bush's the same benefit of the doubt but I digress. Harf also noted:

...after revewing the Accountability Review Board’s report on the attack and the “totality of the careers” of the four employees, determined that the the action taken against them was “not warranted.”
You know who else had careers?  Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods but theirs was cut short because State Department careerists who had the responsibilities to protect these men instead worried more about their careers and made what should have been a career-ending mistake but instead now have the opportunity to continue their careers. Ace has more. Oh yea, read Tapper as well. 

-You know a nation's going over the edge into the abyss when you can make more in welfare benefits than an entry level position in a company pays. Essentially you need to make $21 per hour to beat what Obama is taking from us and giving to the lazy. The ones pulling the wagon are getting tired of all the assholes jumping onto it. 

-Two black kids and one dude who looks to be a white-white guy drove up behind a white Australian baseball player who was jogging and shot him in the back of the head. No, the baseball player wasn't beating their head into the ground or antagonizing them in any way, he was just jogging. I expect to hear Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on TV tonight standing alongside the baseball players family. I kid, I kid, they will be with the shooters parents blaming the white kid who was with them for pushing the upstanding young African-Americans into the crime even though the alleged shooter "danced" into the police station. Also, take not that this is from an Australian news paper since most American papers didn't cover it. JWF has more including the best headline of the day.

-General Atomics came up with a nuclear reactor that is extremely efficient and reduces nuclear waste by 80% over traditional reactors. They've asked DOE for funding to commercialize it. How much you wanna bet the idiot environmentalist's get this thing shut down before it even gets going? 

-I take back the above comment that JWF had the best headline of the day, I think that goes to Bob Owens.

-To end on a lighter note: Imagine bringing this girl home to mama and her seeing this shit at your wedding. Love the dude with the young kid who can't figure out whether to leave, cover his sons ears or shit his pants. 

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