Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Night News & Notes

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We made it through another week. The weekend in this part of the world is looking excellent with temps in the high 70's and no rain. Barbecue tomorrow at Bub's and some shoe thrown sounds like the thing to do.

-Speaking of unseasonal weather, it was in the low 70's in Atlanta today breaking a century-old mark. I'm not saying this disproves the theory of global warming but I will harp on it because those sons of bitches say every warm day in the summer is proof it's happening and man made.

-As someone in the food business, the controversy of genetically modified crops comes up every so often.  But like global warming fanatics who base their hypotheses on junk science, so do anti-GMO types. Watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) hate these crops because, well, I can't quite figure it out. Probably because they hate corporations like Monsanto who create the seeds that grow into crops that produce more yield, resist disease and insects and are generally heartier plants. There's never been a scientific study showing that GMO crops have any ill effect on humans or animals.  Take this case where a field growing a new strain of GMO rice that could increase yields, save hundreds of thousands of lives and prevent blindness is destroyed by anti-GMO zealots. These people make al-Qaeda look calm when compared.

-Now this is kinda funny; the Obama folks tried to interfere in a Washington Post story. The Post acted all indignant and allowed this to leak. The funny part is that, in general, the White house doesn't even have to worry because the WaPo would write what they want without them requesting it. But these narcissistic pricks get mad when anyone--including their supporters--say anything remotely bad about them. I'm guessing they believe this NSA story has legs and can hurt their poor little leader. History will show that this administration was the most intrusive and detrimental to freedom of the press than we have ever seen.

-So this dude tries to hide his fiancé or wife (reports are conflicting) from his first/real wife by claiming he was in the CIA. He even went so far as to claim he was captured by NoKo agents in China. Alas, the lying bastard got caught and now faces charges for bigamy.

-Michigan unions dealt a blow on right-to-work. Note also that the unions really will have a battle trying to save the pensions they bargained for. I'm not one to call for reneging on any deal but that city is so in the shitter they can't recover without shedding some obligations.

-The Phillies fired Charlie Manuel today. That was a punk move by Reuben Amaro, Jr. The Phillies aren't going anywhere and waiting until the end of the season, having a press conference saying he was "moved up to the front office as an assistant" then installing Ryne Sandberg would have been fine. The man brought us a championship and got us in another series. Amaro has not ingratiated himself to Phillies fans of late and it's not going to get any better when the season is over and we are looking at an aging J-Roll, a hobbled Howard and a hurt Halladay. Charlie took it like a man and Amaro took the pussy move out of the situation he created.

This girl will miss you Charlie and thanks for 9 great years. Your down home way of speaking, support for your players and this city and the winning years are much appreciated. Thanks.

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