Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Night News & Notes

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So a few people told me they miss me writing this blog. To be honest, I did too. Ten years in and I still have the urge but was just doing it in smaller snippets on FB and Twitter.

Let's all ease back into this, shall we?

-Republicans better at "diversity" than Dems? Well yea. Mainly because Republicans speak for all people while liberals and Democrats tend to look at a person, figure out his race, co-opt him and then use him. It works, don't get me wrong. Obama got more than 90% of the black vote in 2012 simply because he is black. He's done nothing to make their lives better and a lot to make things worse. Even Al Gore, Sr. couldn't get 90% of the white vote even when he was a front for the KKK and white supremacy. Honestly, every conservative and Republican I know doesn't give a damn about color but cares about ideology and ideas.

-If there's one thing the Dems and GOP can agree on it's crony capitalism.

-However, non crony capitalism gives us new products like this: a plastic cup that alerts the drinker if the date-rape drug Rohipnol is slipped into it. As one with a daughter, I'm all for it.

-If you're looking to get hammered quickly, evidently you should be knocking back Steel Reserve beer.

-The 20 dumbest athletes. When Allen Iverson is the last one on the list, you know this list is chock full of dumbasses.

-Dude, San Diego's Democratic mayor Bob Filner was trying to tap a great-grandmother. Until this point, the other 13 were just resume builders to Democrats. Think about it, Clinton got hummers from a fat intern, Weiner was texting his shit to fat future porn stars and Spitzer was paying for it. Filner was part of the club until this little revelation.

-Your iPhone (and mine) uses more electricity in year than your refrigerator. Al Gore made a lot of money on Apple stock. Just one more example the fat fuck is the biggest hypocrite in the world.

-Well, if the Eagles suck again, at least we'll have these chicks to look at:

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