Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Before I hit the yard work, why not drop a few links on you?

-The eternal question: bottled or canned beer? I'm a can guy and it appears we're starting to see more and better beer shipped in aluminum. HT to CDR M who notes that two of his and my favorite beers are in cans only.

-Will Benghazi be the down fall of Hillary Clinton's presidential hopes? Poor Hill, always the good soldier stepping aside for Obama to be coronated when it was supposedly her turn and then getting stuck holding the responsibility for Benghazi when Obama crafted a weak defense in the killing of one of her employees and two former SEALs. Oh poor Hillary who couldn't get health care passed, was a middling to lower rung senator and an even worse Sec State. Poor Hillary who can't even seem to keep her lies straight. One can only hope she's finished and we get to see Joe Biden assume the mantle as party leader.

-For those who haven't read Atlas Shrugged or at least seen the movie, which is a pretty honest rendering (parts 1 & 2 on Netflix), the fictional Rearden Metal gets nationalized by a liberal government run amok. Shale gas and fracking are the current Rearden Metal. And yes, Ayn Rand was prescient.

-When stories like this appear every day, you know that Anthony Weiner is just embarrassing the Democrats at this point and they just want him gone. There's no loyalty in liberal circles.

-If you're not reading Mark Steyn regularly, you're missing out on the best commentary in the business.

-So how's the city 20 miles to my west getting by after three decades of Democratic rule? Not so well. Philly needs to borrow money so the schools open on time. On another and seemingly altogether different note, the school unions are one of the main reasons the city has no money.


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