Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Night News and Notes

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 No preliminaries. I'm friggin gargling nails and pissing gasoline tonight.

-George W. Bush refused to place anyone on the UN Human Rights Council because A) it was a complete and utter farce and B) because he knew that such upstanding nations like Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Azerbaijan and Libya would sit on it one day and it would be a farce. But Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning man of the world and he decided to not follow that Neo-con Bush's lead and decided to whole-heartedly endorse the sham council. Nice move O, one of the members says Boston deserved it. Such nice people at the UN.

-This ought to get the lefties all worked up: The Alabama Senate has voted for a law that will require drug testing for welfare recipients. Nice.

-I kinda saw this coming: Liberals will stop at nothing to find a root cause for terror other than Islam. The newest "theory" put forth by the heathens is that Tamarlan's boxing career may have caused concussion-induced brain damage. It couldn't have been the evil-spewing imam's or the hard core jihadi videos he watched. These people really do love their ideology and hate America, don't they?

-The defense rested in the trial of murderous abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell and the fucking cockroach didn't even take the stand. We found out he snipped live babies necks, disposed of live babies in toilets and kept their feet in jars. I hope he enjoys that special place in hell reserved for him next to Josef Mengele where he's sentenced to the same exact torture he inflicted on these children. Oh yeah, the human filth at MSNBC finally reported on it five weeks into the trial.

-I almost forgot, our fearless leader backed out of the keynote address for Planned Parenthood because it wouldn't do to have his speech juxtaposed against the Gosnell trial. Ballsy call, Obama.

-In case you haven't gotten it yet, Obama wants the sequester to inflict pain on the public so the GOP relents and cancels the cuts he signed into law. He's found exactly the vehicle too; air travel. By making air travel a complete shit show, he'll enrage the public and force the Republicans to relent. Where's my proof? DC is spared from the cuts so law makers can still fly on time.

-It's nice to know that we have so much money lying around in the government coffers that we can pay someone to recruit people to go on food stamps. Dude, I'll let The Offspring say it for me:

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