Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Have We Entered a New Phase in the War on Terror

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Are we seeing a new pattern here? We've seen numerous attacks now from "homegrown" Islamic terrorists. From the Lackawanna Six to Nidal Hassan and the Fort hood shooting that left 12 dead, is this the next battle in the overall war? The Boston attack is just more proof of that.

This is truly war that we are not prepared for. How does a nation defend itself against it's own citizens turning on it? Our freedoms become detrimental in the investigation and detention of these men--and they are all men--who believe in the forced adherence to their beliefs over the idea of America. They abhor our freedoms but like the freedom to be left alone and plot. They work the system and collect what they need to take out innocents.

Sadly, it doesn't require all that much anymore as we saw last week and in the Mumbai attacks (although Pakistan had a hand in that, my point is still valid). A dedicated group of a dozen men or fewer can bring a city to its knees. Imagine if five groups of two did what the Tsarnaev's did last week in LA, NYC, Philly, DC and Miami in parallel. What would be the defense? What if the next tactic is suicide bombers walking into theaters and subway stations?

A good deal of why this is happening now is the lack of human intelligence that's gained by capturing enemy combatants. The Obama strategy is war by drone where we never see the enemy except through the lens of a camera. There's two downsides to this: first we end up with collateral damage thus losing hearts and minds. Second, we cannot arrest those who we are targeting if they are in pieces on the side of the road thanks to a drone-launched missile. What they know and what they would have given up is vaporized.

Getting back to my question; are we in entering the next phase in this war? My opinion is yes. The ease with which two young men who've lived here for a decade could fashion crude bombs and amass other weapons while going undetected (or in the case of Tamarlan detected but cleared) is frightening. The ease with which they forced an entire major city to close down must have other Islamic terror groups salivating. I never feared that terrorism would take place at major sporting events because in the aftermath of 9/11 we increased security and battened down the hatches. I do now because we are in Obamanation and he and his acolytes are too afraid of looking like racist's to actually do what needs to be done.

Stop allowing students from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Yemen, Egypt and other predominantly Muslim nations in without sufficient background checks. If they are here and associate with known radical elements, deport them. If they leave the US, ask foreign governments to keep tabs on them and find out who they associated with. Look at who they associate with in the US and see what they are doing. If they aren't citizens, they don't deserve the rights of citizens. The first job of the government is to protect its citizens and that's not happening if we continue the way we are now. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.


snuffyny said...

Personally, I believe we should kick out all the Saudis. They are no friend to us. Indeed, I believe that wealthy Saudis finance a good deal of worldwide terrorism. It costs them nothing but money ... which they have tons of. They don't have to get actively involved, just wind up the little suicide bombers and let them go. Then sit back and watch.

Marc Palmarini said...

I think there should also be a moratorium on student visa's from muslim countries.