Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Night Music--Seattle Edition

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In honor of the complete fucking idiots that think Justin Bieber could even remotely be compared to Kurt Cobain--and there are many--I give you some vids from Kurt and the other excellent Seattle bands. Listen to these and then listen to any Bieber and tell if that little dick would've even been allowed in the same building. My guess is that Courtney Love would've beat his ass.

How about 1992, the MTV Awards with Lithium? Note Kris whacking himself in the head with his bass and Dave Grohl busting on Axl Rose

The Seattle bands were incestuous to say the least. Here's Layne Staley with Mad Season:
How about Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell together as Temple of the Dog on the side stage at Lollapalooza in 1992? Note how the crowd rushes over when they realize what's happening.
Or how about AIC with Down In A Hole? Is this better than the little fag?
I think I've proven my point.

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