Monday, April 22, 2013

So What Did We Learn Last Week?

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A bizarre and tragic week to say the least.

On Monday around late afternoon, word started getting out about an explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At first--just like on 9/11 when people thought it was a commuter plane that hit the towers--we thought it must be a small event or a gas explosion. Even when confronted with those first, now notorious pictures we hesitated to believe just how bad it was. Then the casualty estimates came out and we were told that deaths were possible.

It's been quite a while since we saw a mass terror incident. The last was the Fort Hood shooting and the media didn't nearly cover that enough and the government downplayed it because there was no video and they could. But not this attack. this happened in real time and they had no option but to deploy their armies of reporters.

Quite quickly but sadly, not as quickly as I'd assumed, the jackals in the media started speculating who could have perpetrated this attack on us. They secretly--and sometimes not so secretly--hoped it was a white Tea Party member pissed off on tax day. Hell, the president's former chief advisor; the slimy David Axelrod alluded to that in the open. Douchebag David Sirota openly hoped it was a "white American". So we learned that American liberals don't give a damn about terror unless it's perpetrated by white conservative men.

We learned that Boston is one tough city and one to be admired. They handled the quick-moving events with heart and determination. I know of no other large city that would have been shut down as easily as Bean Town was. They grieved when the names of the three dead were released and they rejoiced when the terrorist's were finally killed and apprehended.

We learned that we can mobilize some serious force when need be. From the Boston and Watertown Police to the FBI, they got along and worked to a common goal of catching the jihadi's.

We learned that with all the information available to us, the big media sucks at covering huge breaking events. Instead of being right, being first was more important and we learned that putting out false information can be quite damaging. On the flip side, the blogosphere did better and questioned events instead of inanely reporting innuendo. Sure, we were wrong on occasion but we correct our mistakes and move on. This MSM idiot got what he deserved.

We learned that liberals not only hate America but that some will actively take the side of those who murdered an 8-year old boy and then play the victim card when called on it by right-minded people.  BTW, fuck you Amanda Palmer. I have no idea who you are but hate you with every fiber of my being.

But most importantly we learned that the War on Terror is not nearly over. Last week it was Muslim Chechens, today it was the arrest in Canada of more who looked to attack Canadians and Americans. BTW, they were linked to an al-Qaeda element in Iran (but, but , but Shiite's and Sunni's never work together...yes they do now STFU). Yes, they still hate us and wish us dead. How anyone can say that a supposedly religious man can place a bomb directly near a child and allow it to detonate deserves any sympathy is way beyond me. I won't even discuss how Obama's policies are causing us to lose hard won ground in the battle.

The Tsarnaev's are no different than Mohammed Atta, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or Osama bin-Laden; they are fighting to spread Islam and dominate the world. We are the ones who are the strongest and stand in their way. It's simple if one were to read the writings in the Koran. this is just the latest battle in a war that will last generations unless we in the west get our collective heads out of our asses and realize that we are in a battle to save morality and humanity.

These people don't care if they kill a child, a woman, a Black man, an Hispanic female or an Asian transsexual. We mean nothing and are nothing but infidels who deserve death. No CAIR, I don't believe your rhetoric. Not all Muslims are terrorists but it seems quite evident that most acts of terror are perpetrated by people who pray toward Mecca five times daily.

Let's hope we take all the things we learned to heart grow through our mistakes.  Unfortunately, that will not happen because we will have to deal with the media and their bullshit stories describing what a tough existence it was for the Tsarnaev's in America or we have to be more understanding. The thing is, I am understanding; I understand that men who frequent a mosque will place an explosive where it is sure to maximize the death toll. I understand that regardless of the opportunities we present to such people, they will still hate us. I understand that even after bestowing money and acceptance into a great school on people who had fled a war torn land, they will still murder us in cold blood.

I believe my understanding meter is pegged at eleven.

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