Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Happy Sunday.

Here's what's going on in the world:

-So exactly how many wars is the US currently fighting? Foreign Policy says five (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia) but I would add Libya--except when we really needed to take the offensive and save the ambassador, we demurred and possibly Iran depending on ones interpretation. As Prof. Reynolds notes, the majority of these were the result of the policies of a Nobel Peace Prize winner. We're stretched way too thin at this point so all those idiots who complained that fighting Iraq and the Taliban at the same time was too much back in 2004 can STFU now.

-Jonah Goldberg defends Niall Ferguson over homophobia claims when Ferguson was too much of a pussy to defend himself. Noting that Keynes was gay and thus would not leave any family when he died had bearing on his thinking is not homophobic.

-I'm shocked that the wife of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was radicalized as well. She was a convert to the Religion of Peace (TM) and could not be capable of waging jihad by helping her husband, now could she? That's against the teachings of the religion. Plus, as the NY Times notes, she was a "social butterfly" and a really nice person before she got involved with a terrorist who killed three people. But hey, I guess the speed bump Tamerlan needed someone from America to teach him how to exploit the welfare system. Note, as always, that this is from a British paper where they believe that the truth must be reported.

-I meant to post this a few weeks ago. 30 of the 31 most-wanted are Muslims. The other is an eco terrorist from Berkeley. Shocking we see no Tea Party folks on the list since every single act of terror is immediately pinned on them by left wing hacks and the media (but I'm redundant).

-Remember that it's not really racist if it's uttered by a liberal or a Democrat. They are our intellectual betters in their ow minds so run along now.

-Global warming zealots have been looking pretty damn stupid lately. What with the coldest spring in decades or snow falling in Arkansas in in May, everything they said would happen has been wrong. Of course, the fact that they clam up when they are proven to be idiots is just par for their course.

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