Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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Tuesdays are just so friggin blah. It ain't humpday but it ain't Monday so we have that.

Here's what's going on:

-Who would have thought that lesbians tend to be fatter than the average woman? Well, me for starters and just about anyone who's ever been to a nude beach. Believe me. But hey, it only cost three quarters of a million of your tax dollars to find out that lesbo women tend to be on the larger side.

-The AP is shocked, shocked I tell you that applying for Obamacare is difficult. I believe we talked about this a few years ago.

-Speaking of the excellent Obamacare law, wanna know how big it really is? About this big:

-Add the Falklands to the list of things Obama was way off and on the wrong side of.

-Reason number 678,987,450 not to piss off hackers.

-When they start acting like sequestration is a major concern, I'll believe it is.

-Compare the military training of the US and our allies with the Norks. Yes, they released that pic including the dude with his eyes closed.

-Finally, with the conference tourneys in full swing, it appears that Gonzaga will be the #1 overall seed. Here's what we have to look forward to when they take on the play-in team:

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