Saturday, March 09, 2013

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Howdy. Fresh off a trek that saw me knocking them back in three European cities and several in the good old US of A. I actually did work as well although many don't believe that.

Anyway, here's what's new:

-Rand Paul is doing what his father never could: capturing the imagination of conservatives, libertarians and some progressives while not sounding and acting like a fucking nutjob. He's the front-runner for the GOP nod in 2016.

-Lib "reporter" Juan Williams, who once noted the fact that bloggers were not real reporters has been busted plagiarizing. Not only that but the weasel blamed it on an assistant. Fire this clown Fox News.

-If the latest jobs report is considered good news, we've either seriously lowered our expectations of what normal is or we are in serious trouble. See this as well.

-The graph above is by far the truest example of what Keynesian theory has wrought. If we had done nothing in 2009, we'd be in better shape than we are after pumping a trillion dollars into the economy. I can't wait for that fun inflationary explosion and the concurrent slide of the market.

-Far left actress Ashley Judd is going to run for Senate for Mitch McConnell's seat.  This is a woman who said that coal mining is rape in a state reliant on coal and is against "breeding". This will be an epic meltdown so pass the popcorn.

-Douchebags Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson attend the funeral of a man who created an authoritarian police state and was complicit in murder against his own people. A man who left a country with a higher murder rate then Afghanistan and a poverty rate that is among the worst in the world. I guess the greatness of Chavez is lost on those of us not smart enough to comprehend "progressive" thinking. Burn in hell Hugo.

-This post brought to you by the greatest liquid ever produced by man:

Taken by me at The Oliver St. John Gogarty in Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland. And yes, that's live Irish music being played in the background.

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