Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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So we've had a new Pope selected, the stock market reached its tenth record high, Nanny Bloomberg got rejected by a judge for his soda interference and the little bastard in North Korea is tweaking Obama's tail more frequently than before. All in all, about a normal week.

Here's what's new today:

-Speaking of that little Nork threatening us and stability in the region, I'm guessing his dad just didn't give him enough quality time; he's "ronery". So how's he lash out? By firing missiles all over the place but not hitting anything. So how does Obama respond? By putting new anti-missile batteries into operation in Alaska...the very same ones he was against when Bush wanted them deployed.(Video NSFW)

-I get that police training and military training are inherently different but this guy is just embarrassing.

-A massive Ashley Judd fail. liberals just think conservatives are stupid. The Prof has a funny quip.

-I sure hope this is true: Anthony Weiner is contemplating a run for Mayor of NYC. We need this guy back, he was blogger gold.

-Now that psycho environmentalist Lisa Jackson is gone from EPA, they've decided to take a second look at the rules that were written for new power plants. It's amazing what happens when a politician is faced with a massive spike in energy prices because of his policies. And right on cue, the whiny little bitches at various liberal blogs are being...well...whiny little bitches. remember lefties, everything Obama says has an expiration date; sometimes even before he finishes saying it.

-Now this is just depressing, sex in space may be bad for you. I'm guessing a zero gravity porn house would be a really disgusting place anyway.

-Honestly, I'm glad Rob Portman came out for gay marriage. The GOP has fallen out of favor and lost the last election because of our blind allegiance to the religious right. We don't have to like it and some may find it an abomination but for crying out loud, it really doesn't affect anyone when it you boil it down.

-Ethanol is not least the corn-based type. Using a major food source for a government subsidized fuel additive that has really no benefits is just plain bad policy. But it's a vote-getter for the democrats and corn-belt Republicans who use this inane program to curry favor from the Midwestern farmer demographic.

-Once again, U of L is in the Big East final with a stifling defense and an offense that does what it has to do. Peyton Siva's motor never stops and Russ Smith has grown into a star. In honor of the Cardinals run, I bring you a hot girl from "The Ville".

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