Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Morning News & Notes

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I expect an epic SB today; lots of underlying story lines, another SB in New Orleans, which always seem to be better and 12 hours of pregame. My fearless prediction: Ravens 28 49'ers 24. Take that and 20% to the bank and you can get a mortgage (except you can do it again with no money down).

Anyway, here's what's new:

-The UN cuts it's own legs out with an internal report that says essentially what this blog and others smarter than I have been saying for years: the sun plays a much more significant role in global warming than carbon or anything else man-made. This still will not curtail the Obama folks from implementing stricter controls though.

-I'm convinced that the primary reason Mitt Romney didn't beat Obama is that he had a horrible social media operation. Facebook and Twitter are huge sources of information in America and Obama used it infinitely better. When I saw comments from people that I know mentioning that Mitt was going to ban tampons (based on a satirical You Tube video) and saw it liked thousands of times with no response, I knew the battle was lost. Here's another example of just how powerful social media is and shows exactly what not to do when battling a Facebook onslaught. I'm guessing Applebee's will be posting a want ad for a new social media coordinator.

-I love it when lefties realize firsthand the wages of their support for statist policies. Uber-lib Matt Yglesias is shocked at how difficult it is to start a small business. Yea Matt, wait until you see how hard it is to run one when you add in all the new Obamacare paperwork, fees and other assorted bullshit. Easier red tape equals more businesses and more jobs. It's kind of Economics 101 but most libs took Advanced Women's Studies or The Principles of Keynesian Economics instead of the classes that would actually have taught them something of real wealth building.

-White House to bloggers and right-wingers: Do not Photoshop Obama shooting picture. Bloggers and right-wingers to White House: Fuck you. Obama looks so damn manly in that picture, doesn't he? One would expect he would be more of a handgun guy based on type and level of recent violence in the city he helped organize communities within and currently run by his former Chief of Staff.

-Speaking of guns; I'm sure glad this coach had his (legal) firearm handy when two of his female players were attacked. Instead, we have students suspended for having a picture of a weapon on their personal laptops.

-At least some papers are doing their job and taking Sen. Bob Menendez to task for getting his freak on with minor girls in the DR.

-You may be old enough to remember when the Nobel Peace Prize actually meant something. Back when people who actually worked for peace received it and got publicity for whatever their cause was. Then the Nobel Committee decided they wanted to be political and gave it to Al Gore and Barack Obama who did exactly zero to deserve it. Well, perhaps they will redeem themselves somewhat by opting for Malala Yousafzai as this years winner. Malala you may remember is a Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot in the face by Taliban supporters for the simple act of wanting to go school. There are others on the list who deserve it as well; people who have struggled to bring freedom and justice to their fellow citizens.

-Finally: Super Bowl Sunday at Karen & Bubba's is one of those weekends you look forward to all year. The food ranges from dishes representing the local food of both teams to steak and jambalaya. And on that note I give you Alyssa:

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