Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Happy weekend.

Here's what's new in the world:

-The new normal: unemployment rate goes back up, only 157,000 jobs created. Plus the nice little "surprise" that the GDP was down 0.1%. Obamanomics will destroy an entire generation.

-Chris Matthews has become a parody of a parody of Chris Matthews. Now the fucking blowhard actually questioned Sen. John McCain's sanity and alluded to whether he may be suffering from PTSD. It's got to be tough being the bottom of the fetid heap on a network that includes Andrea Mitchell and Toure.

-When you are a fast-food conglomerate and you have to conduct DNA testing to ensure there's no horse meat in your burgers, you may want to rethink your supply chain operation.

-A "do-over" in New Orleans. The city that was once deteriorating under an endless slew of democratic regimes is seeing new and good things post-Katrina.

-I wrote earlier that New jersey is a national laughingstock for our politicians. Rahm Emanuel's Chicago is a laughingstock for every other reason. A city that was at least run adequately during the Daley years has gone to shit since Rahmbo took the the reins.

-I was out of the country this week and it was weird to not hear all the Super Bowl hype. Predictions tomorrow.

-And now I give you some golf porn. I played at Palmilla near Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. What an experience. Every detail was perfect, the course (Arroyo/Mountain in my case) is well designed and maintained with great care and the overall experience was one I would repeat as often as possible. I recommend getting a tee time after 1PM where the price drops considerably and the breeze picks up. Bring a pull-over. The picture below was taken with my IPhone.

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