Friday, February 08, 2013

If a Liberal Goes on A Shooting Rampage and the Media Doesn't Cover It, Did It Happen?

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A former serviceman and LAPD officer is on the loose after having shot five people. The man in question wrote a manifesto that reads like a liberal wet dream. He is anti-gun, loves Piers Morgan, Barack Obama, MSNBC, CNN and Anderson Cooper (whom he also sent a package to). He adores Hillary and Bill and abhors Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.

The guy (and no, I will not write his name because all serial killers want notoriety) was done wrong by the LAPD and is now taking it out on everyone else. He's a one man killing machine and has written he's "off the grid' and will not be caught.

The media have buried this story because it doesn't fit the narrative of a right-wing gun nut going rogue. They can't blame it on the NRA, Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh so they just refuse to cover the aspects of the story that show he's a lefty nutjob.

Ace has an epic Twitter screed about the double standard and I highly recommend that you read it all. Sooper Mexican has the entire manifesto and a great post on the subject. Full manifesto here.

Michelle Malkin exposes the hypocrisy at her site and Hit and Run covers it from another angle.

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