Saturday, February 02, 2013

Another NJ Senator Embarrasses the State

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Another decade, another scumbag north Jersey politician making the Garden State the butt of jokes. And this time, it's not your variety corruption like Torriccelli, oh no, this time, the politician in question decided to go the perv route ala Jim McGreevey.

Senator Robert Menendez--whom was just reelected with strong support from our neighbors in what we like to call the Jersey Shore part the state--is the culprit. It seems Menendez likes to travel down to the Dominican Republic on a supporters dime and get his freak on with young girls.

As expected, the same women's groups who would be all over a Republican for the cheap and vulgar exploitation of young women are mum on the whole subject because to speak out would be to hurt a Democrat incumbent in a state with a popular Republican governor who would install a Republican to fill the spot and slow down the far left Obama agenda. Essentially, we have a sitting US Senator accused of statutory rape of teenage prostitutes (and stiffing them on the bill) getting protected by the very feminist organizations and bloggers who preach against it on a daily basis. Clinton redux anyone?

And let's not forget the mainstream media who refused to do their job in vetting Menendez while he kept an illegal alien sexual predator on his staff to avoid any electoral distractions. But I guess when you work for Menendez, being forced to register as a sex offender who molests 8-year olds is a resume enhancer.

So here we stand with his colleagues backing him up and Menendez paying his supporter back the $60,000 he got caught taking, we have women's rights groups endorsing his behavior by their silence and another scandal in a state that has had way too many in the last 30 years. Thank you my north Jersey neighbors (and Giant and Yankee fans) who voting this dirt-bag pervert back into office, you've managed to make us the laughingstock again.

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Marc Palmarini said...

I wish the hypocrisy of this story would choke to death all the pols in DC. If he would have been a republican in a blue state you bet your ass he would be booted out of the senate and not to mention the republicans would prolly help him out as well.