Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Happy Sunday. No football today unless you count the ridiculous Pro bowl, which I do not.
Villanova knocked off #2 Louisville and #5 Syracuse in back-to-back games, I don't think anyone is excited about playing them in the upcoming (and final) Big East Tournament. the Flyers seem to have gotten their act together winning two in a row.

-Obama does keep his promises on some things such as bankrupting the coal-fired power industry. But hey, who really wanted those 3,900 middle class jobs anyway? For the record, emissions in the US have been reduced to levels not seen since the mid-1990's thanks to that other whipping boy for environmentalist's; fracking.

-Shocker! A lib openly admits they hate the military. Those of us who served or are currently serving want those libs who hate us to know one thing, we will continue to protect your right to hate us because we believe in the ideal of freedom and liberty while you espouse inanities and drivel. And for the record, we hate you too, libs.

-The next frontier in preventing infectious diseases?

-Taxes and sports. Will we see a day where athletes will stop considering teams like the Lakers and Chargers and instead opt to go to more tax-friendly states like Texas?

-Sharyl Attkison is the last real journalist left on network TV.

-My esteemed senator seems to have a tendency to go out of the country to get his freak on. Senator Bob Menendez and a buddy of his like to go down to the Dominican Republic and hire them some of the local talent. So where is the outcry from feminist's? Is it okay for a liberal legislator to abuse women as long as he does it offshore? Note these girls are believed to be underage meaning if he were to do the nasty deeds in the US, he would be jailed for statutory rape. And for the record, I get why Menendez has to pay for it, I mean, look at the dude. What a fucking embarrassment to the state of NJ this guy is.

-Dude hits a half-court hook shot for $75,000 and gets tackled by LeBron James.

This post brought to you by S.E. Cupp because conservative women are hot:

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