Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Morning News & notes

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Morning y'all. Been busy lately.

Anyway, here's what's news:

-The Chinese star-run Xinhua news agency calls for Americans to disarm. Of course they do.

-The movie Zero Dark Thirty (which I'm absolutely jacked to see) was written using details that were leaked by Obama's people. If thats the case, we have to imagine much is true, if not slanted to make Obama look good. However, some senators are upset that the use of waterboarding is portrayed as being instrumental in finding bin-Laden and now seek to discredit the practice, even when it got key al-Qaeda thugs to talk. Waterboarding is not torture and is an effective practice to get information but Feinstein and others do not want to portray us as barbaric with the practice. No, barbaric is beheading someone.

-I'm just not real enthused about Speaker Boehner negotiating with Obama by himself. He doesn't exactly instill confidence but if he wants to win this, he has to make Obama believe he is crazier than him. You want "revenue", you give us three times the cuts and they occur simultaneously. You want to tax those making $250K a year and call it a tax cut for the rich, we make it a million and trumpet how we protected the upper middle class. This is crucial and Boehner better have his A game. Too bad he will cave.

-Piers Morgan is an idiot. Facts have zero place in his thinking and that's why he's losing his time slot over at CNN.

-Passion are running high after the tragedy in Newtown. Unfortunately, they run higher is people who we probably want to keep from getting guns.

-Speaking of the Newtown tragedy; I feel for all the families and say a prayer for everyone killed. The teachers who defended their students are heroes and should be remembered on monuments. Please remember, making rash decisions when passions are their greatest is not smart. We end up with bad policies and laws like the so-called Patriot Act. Obama will shamelessly use this incident as a mandate to control weapons and others will fight against him. Let's hope sanity and common sense win out on this.

-Victoria Soto was one of those who gave her life to save her students. She encompassed all that is good about humanity. She of the beautiful smile and quick thinking did what we all hope we are capable of in a crucial situation and I pray for her.

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