Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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It's been awhile...

Here goes, let me see if I still  know how to do this here blogging thing:

-Zero Dark Thirty comes out next week. In what should be a celebratory movie showing the raid to liquidate the greatest mass murder of Americans ever now has become a focal point in the what measures were used to get bin-Laden. It's funny, the Democrats were running to Katherine Bigelow before Osama's corpse was even picked clean by the fish in the Atlantic Ocean exulting their President as a man who made tough choices when it counted, blah, blah blah. Except, it appears too much information was given and part of that was the fact that enhanced interrogation methods (IE water boarding) were used to get info that led to tracking Osama down. Now we have a few senators screaming that it didn't happen and it's all Hollywood stuff. Whatever, anyone with half a brain knows we used waterboarding or other methods on Khalid Sheik Mohammed (and with results) and others and intact, we probably still do since rendition wasn't quite given up after the evil George Bush left office, now was it? Please Senators Feinstein and McCain, drop it, if you want to really question our tactics in fighting the War on terror, ask Obama why he illegally orders American citizens to be summarily executed by drones without due process.

-fat hypocrite Al Gore continues to be fat and continues to be a hypocrite. Our global warming warrior has sold his struggling Current TV to al Jazeera--a company funded by dirty, carbon producing oil dollars and the leading purveyor of anti-US propaganda in the Arab world--for approximately $500-million. Of that, fat ass gets $100-million or so. To sum this up: The man who got the world panties in a bunch over a non-existent threat from carbon, who flies all over the globe in a private jet, who slams America at every opportunity and a man who calls global warming the biggest threat to world peace has sold his company to a group whose financial backing comes from selling the very substance that supposedly causes global warming and spouts anti-US rhetoric in a region we need all the help we can get. It gets better, Glenn Beck offered to buy the channel but Gore's acolytes said they wanted to sell to a group whose ideology was more in line with Gores own. I guess the anti American al Jazeera fits that description.

-They're coming after our guns and doing it quickly. And no, they don't just want to ban the new sale of so-called "assault weapons". No, they want to ban every single gun sold in the US. I'm guessing Obama would sign pretty much anything put in front of him because even he's smart enough to realize that an armed populace is a threat to his world view.

-The 20 most annoying liberals of 2012. Only 20? It must have been hard to put whittle that list down. And yes, #1 was easy enough to predict.

-Making fun of Nancy Pelosi's doctored photo.

-Also, liberals are shocked, shocked I tell you that they have less money in their paychecks after reelecting Obama. Perhaps if you actually took the time to research who you were actually voting for and what his plans were you'd have realized that he's going after all of our earnings, not just the evil 1%.

-Since the Eagles are playing golf and Andy Reid mercifully left town for KC, I have no rooting interest in the playoffs except for that of an NFL fan. So, today I like the Bengals in a close one since they are playing better coming in than Houston and the Packers who will come up with a way to shut down AP. For the record, what an awesome year watching Adrian Peterson come back like he did, much respect to that guy.

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