Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Taking a break from prepping for Hurricane Sandy.

Here's whats new:

-Petraeus may be an old soldier but he's not about to fall on his sword for Obama after the deaths of four in Benghazi. Nice to see Obama get thrown under the bus instead of watching him do it to everyone else. Isn't it amazing that the "smartest president in the history of presidents" never seems to be briefed on the most important issues concerning the country? It's astounding what his people keep from him while still holding on to their jobs.

-Obama is 10-points below where he was in 2008 in California. Although Obama will still win easily, that's telling.

-President Present. The war on women mean is so lame and so tired.

-Let's be honest, liberals hate the military and everything we stand for. So it's not really surprising that Obama hasn't come clean on what happened in Libya and hasn't given the straight story to the parents of a former SEAL who heroically tried to save the ambassador.

-Steven Crowder parodies that ridiculous "first time" video:

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