Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thursday Night News & Notes

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Almost Friday y'all, almost there.

Here's what's news:

-Shamelessly stolen from my old buddy Steve but he probably stole it from someone else so it's all good:

-This came really close to giving me a woody. Chris Matthews was apoplectic last night and actually broke out the Obama should watch MSNBC card so he can do better in the debates. Really Chris? Besides your wife, the Occupy Wall Street thug who's hiding out from the cops and the Rachel Maddow fan club, no one actually watches the pathetic little network. I love when Tingles gets worked up. Dude, on election night, I will be flipping between Fox News and MSNBC just so I can enjoy the very tasty schadenfreude:

-Think about this: when you are in your later years and have your grandson on your knee. How are you really gonna answer the question "did people really elect Joe Biden as Vice President?" If you were one who did, it will be a little more difficult to answer than those of us who didn't. What a friggin embarrassment that dude is.

-Sasha Obama reportedly says to her dad "how come you were such a pussy up there". I still love the Onion, some of the best satire on the web.

-Overloading with video but so what? Here's the RNC making the most of the post-debate momentum:

-And finally, the DNC came out with this lame ad. Note that the NY Times resident "Republican" and all around beta male David Brooks was featured and I'm sure that got him a free dinner at some NY hotspot. Does Obama really want a video put out after a 12-round ass-kicking that portrays him as a pussy?

By the way, if you agreed with anything I wrote about Obama, you're a racist. The previous videos were courtesy of the lovely Erika Johnsen at Hot Air.

This post brought to you by Laura Ingraham because conservative women are hot (and smart):

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