Thursday, October 04, 2012

No Way to Spin That Beat Down

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Last night, I asked my wife to sit and watch the debate and made it a point to say nothing while it all played out. I said to her to just give me her honest opinion when it was over. Now, my wife is essentially apolitical, a fiscal small c conservative but a social center lefty. She pays the bills and wants less taxes to be taken but overall is pretty middle of the road.

So I sat there quietly--no small feat for me--because I usually holler at the TV during the debates. I didn't want to sway her even a little. About 9:30 she turns to me and says "Romney is kicking Obama's ass".

If my wife had that opinion, I'm guessing a great many others did as well. It was such a beat down that the only people I heard even remotely insinuate that Obama won were Juan Williams and David Axelrod (and I'm not really sure about him). Hell, Stephanie Cutter was left with only one play and that was to call out Jim Lehrer. Oh yeah, Al Gore blamed the altitude, what a fucking douche that dude is.

I can't recall ever seeing a take down like we saw last night. Mitt came in with a plan and Obama looked stunned that he was actually required to be there and answer to a mere Republican. Think about it, who has Obama had to answer to or who has told him he was wrong on any issue in the last four years? No one, including the media or his advisors. The media kisses his ass, his advisors kiss his ass, members of his party kiss his ass and the GOP establishment has been marginalized by the racial card (excepting Allen West).

So the shock Obama must have felt to have Romney come in and tell him he has failed the country was something to see. Obama looked peeved that he even had to be there and even more pissed that he now has a record to defend that is indefensible.

This should give Romney a nice little boost in the polls and more importantly, it shifts the momentum to Romney in a big way. 68-million people watched last night. Of those, perhaps 3 or four million were undecideds. Romney may just have stole them last night in what typically is the most-watched debate. I imagine many moms who watched that may have only heard that Romney wants to ban abortion and cut school funding were impressed by him. They may have been inclined to vote Obama but after seeing that ass-kicking last night may just go the other way.

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