Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Teddy Kennedy, Jerusalem and Monica Lewinsky's Rabbi: The DNC is a Mess

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Regardless of what one thought of the Clint Eastwood speech, you cannot argue the fact that the RNC was a well-run affair. Speakers came on when they were supposed to, the GOP was the same at 7 PM as they were at 10 PM and it was a well-oiled machine, unlike the DNC, which features every lefty psycho they could find.

Juxtapose that with the DNC, which started yesterday.

So far, in the last 24-hours, they have announced they would move Obama's speech from an 80,000 seat stadium to a smaller arena because of "the weather", a former Solyndra-connected crony was seen fleeing from TV cameras while guards stopped reporters and Democratic leadership rammed through a platform change that re-inserted the word "God" and language stating that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel after they got pummeled for removing it.

Here's footage of that ignominious moment in democratic history with LA Mayor Antonio Villairagoso looking about as constipated as anyone I've ever seen on a stage:

Check out the Arab voters getting highly irate. Don't sweat it Arabs, Obama's been doing this to blacks since he started running for office--taking them for granted as he's doing with you now. You be the judge and listen to the crowd. This was a great example of how Democrats win cheating their asses off.

It started off just swimmingly (pun definitely intended) with a video tribute to Ted Kennedy--a man who allowed a young woman to drown and got worse from there. I guess the Robert Byrd KKK tribute video is scheduled for this evening right before Bill Clinton, who once said "“A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.” about the current president, takes the stage.

To top it off, the idiots who organized this whole charade actually scheduled Monica Lewinsky's Rabbi to give the benediction after Slick Willy exits.

This last 24-hours sums up the last four years nicely: no one seems to be leading the show, everyone is in it for themselves and democrats have no idea what the hell they are doing. But don't worry Dems, the media will portray this as the greatest spectacle since the Big Bang and the rest of the right-thinking world will just laugh at you.

Update: Treach has some fun as well. Update #2: Oh yeah, how the hell did I forget this: "The government is the only thing we all belong to". Stalin would be so proud of his modern useful idiots.

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