Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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Greetings all.

The NFL kicks off tonight with an NFC matchup between the G-men and the Cowgirls. As an Eagles fan, I could go to the parking lot of the Meadowlands, throw a case of empty bottles one at a time and hit other fans I hate with a passion with every one. I hope Tony Romo is crying like a little girl by the second quarter.

Anyway, here's other news:

-The late Christopher Hitchens used to destroy the Clintons. Let's reminisce and watch some of the highlights. I sure miss Hitch.

-Debbie Wasserman Schultz is caught in a bald-faced lie...again.

-Obama throws his fellow Democrats from North Carolina right under the bus. 

-Singer Nicki Minaj supports Romney; Twitter racists go apeshit and all misogynistic.

-Been to the supermarket lately? I bet Obama hasn't. Prices are going through the roof as inflation begins to take hold. You can't keep printing money and using food for fuel and expect prices to stay low. This is the hidden tax of Obamanomics.

-Better off than four years ago? No you aren't.

This post brought to you by LeSean McCoy and (hopefully) a successful Eagles season:

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