Sunday, September 16, 2012

See What You Have Wrought, Liberals?

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To my liberal brothers and sisters:

We warned you that voting for a man with no experience because it felt good was a horrible idea. Hillary Clinton warned you that some react to the 3 AM phone call and questioned whether her opponent had the abilities needed to answer it and dictate and strategy. John McCain told us the consequences of electing a shady Chicago "community organizer" would result in chaos around the world. But many didn't listen and as one of Obama's spiritual leaders once noted "the chickens have come home to roost".  You called all of us racist and refused to stop screaming "yes we can" long enough to see how factual our statements were.

Obama's self-belief that he had the intellectual power to calm the Mid-East have been laid to waste. When the opportunity arose to assist in protecting a long-standing, mostly secular yet brutal dictator in Egypt arose, we said that to allow this man to be ousted would result in the rise of radical Islam in a crucial nation in the region. We knew that a liberalized Egypt was the only way to counter Islamofascism and the void left would be filled by the Muslim Brotherhood and local salafist's who want a pan-Muslim mega-state reaching from Morocco to Pakistan and further.

We said to do nothing but dither while a nascent rebellion began to rise in the deeply radical and destabilizing nation of Iran would result in a perception of weakness from the Muslim world you said nothing and supported your clearly unprepared president.

We said that launching another war in a country that already had a history of attacking the US but was led by another tyrant who was coming around to the concept of American power, you cheered your hero on and did not think about the long-term consequences for the US. You did however play up the conflict for short-term political game because the only thing that matters to you is to be in power and hold influence and the purse strings.

So here we sit watching our embassies attacked, our ambassador savagely murdered and the US flag burned. This is the consequences of your votes. Radical Islam is counter to everything you hold dear: gay rights, women's rights, abortion, secularism and yet, you support a man who has set the rights of millions of people back a century or more.

And please stop with the silly notion that this was all because of a poorly-edited You Tube video. You just sound inane. This was a well-planned and orchestrated attack on sovereign US territory that was carefully planned to occur on the day that many Muslims hold dear, the day they inflicted 3,000 deaths on the US. Does one actually want to argue that people who raise their children this way need any provocation other than our mere existence?

Also, just stop with the Romney bashing because your savior dropped the ball and his people instituted policies that would not allow Marines to carry loaded weapons in a deeply hostile nation. 

Please stop blaming former President Bush for this because I recall that on January 20, 2009 Egypt was stable and Gadaffi was trying to mend his errant ways in Libya. Both nations are now wastelands with numerous sects fighting to see who can be more radical and more anti-American.

No liberals, you elected a man who was easily the most unprepared for the task he won. He threw our money to his cronies, rammed through a horrible health care bill, alienated the one true ally we have in the region and actually believed that he was so gifted as a person and orator that he could meet with Ahmedinejad without pre-conditions and get him to reconsider his position. You elected a man who shirks any responsibility for anything remotely unpopular while blaming his predecessor as often as possible.

We told you that being the president of the greatest nation on Earth was difficult. It's not just meeting with Beyonce and Jay-Z but meeting with Netanyahu and Karzai and explaining the American position in straight-forward terms. We told you that security relied on intelligence and ones ability to act on it to protect our citizens. You scoffed at the notion that Obama could handle it and continue to do so even though actionable intelligence appears to have been discovered. 

No, leadership is not fundraising, making deals on the golf course and meeting Olympians. Leadership is standing out front and--using either the stick or the carrot--moving the nation and the world into the next era. Obama has never led anyone to do anything of consequence that bettered US interests and has in fact done many that have harmed them. 

I felt that another four years of Obama would cripple us both socially and economically but after this last week, I'm not really sure we can survive another four months until inauguration day. 

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Marc Palmarini said...

Truer words were never spoken, I always said our country could survive Obama but thinking there are people who would vote for him make me think it wont survive them.