Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Night Videos--Offspring Version

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I'm going to see The Offspring tomorrow at a great venue on the Delaware River. Outdoor concerts rule and this is one band that'll rock outdoors. The last couple of times I've seen them they were not headlining opening for 311. This time they head the bill.

So what to say about this band? They are one of the premiere bands to come out of the LA/Orange County post-punk scene that sprung the Chili Peppers, Sublime and others. They never lost their punk chops like other did (Green Day comes immediately to mind).

They write about serious issues and are sure to make fun of any trend out there. White dudes acting black, they've written about it. Promiscuous sex, check.

They came out with a new CD last week and it's pretty good. Here's a snippet and they entire album (yes, I said album) is on You Tube. Check it out.

Let's start out with the song that put them on the map: Self Esteem. Dexter's braids and the overall way they captured teen life was amazing in it's subtlety while whacking you upside the head with a grinding riff:

Next we have She's Got Issues. Every guy went out with a "psycho chick" and a "clinger". This puts that unfortunate circumstance to music. "I wish you wouldn't call me daddy while we're getting it on" is classic: My personal favorite. Adult whites and blacks are endlessly amused to see white people try to act black. Dexter and the boys took a chance to make a comedic song and scored big. It's dated with the Ricky Lake and Vanilla Ice references but satirical and funny just the same: And finally a song that really hooked me when I bought Smash all those years ago. Anyone who drives as much as I do understands the rage in this song live at the Billboard Awards. Awesome:

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