Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Night News & Notes

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Almost there y'all. Friday is almost upon us and we have NFL action tonight with the nicked up Giants playing the Panthers..

Here's what's going on in the world:

-Is Obama really considering releasing World Trade Center conspirator Omar Abdel Rahman AKA The Blind Sheikh? We know we can't trust Obama at his word and he was caught on an open mic saying he would have more latitude with Russia after the election while saying into the mic he would not. The administration issued statements saying this was untrue but one never knows. He's an appeaser at heart.

-Only 15% of Democrats believe that the economy is bad. I guess that's because most of them are living on the government dole and not working and the rest are working for Obama or one of his crony companies.

-I'm a big believer that the race is not even close. Looking at polls that grossly over sample Democrats and under sample Republicans mean they are useless and are designed only to give momentum to Obama. Besides, I believe we may see the re-emergence of the Bradley Effect. In 1982, Mayor Tom Bradley was ahead in the polls by a good margin but lost. Pollsters believed that white people lied and said they would vote for Bradley because they didn't want to come off as racist. In this climate with liberals throwing the race card out on everything, i believe strongly that independents are remiss to tell a pollster that they will vote against Obama so they don't feel racist. But if it really is close, why is it?

-Good Lord, make it go away! I bet her left hands says "scaring the hell out of". Whoever took that picture must really hate DWS:

-Univision is not in the tank for Obama.

-All tied up. Take it with a grain of salt after what I posted above.

-What comes as natural to most sane reporters has to be told to NY Times hacks.

-This post brought to you by Bo Derek because conservative women are smoking hot. Compare to DWS above.

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