Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Night News & notes

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We made it. Here's what's news:

 -Ann Romney's plane was forced to land after smoke filled the cabin. Anyone who's been through it knows it's unsettling to say the least. A regional jet as well, small and not a plane that instills confident feelings.

 -Romney released his taxes and paid more taxes than he had to and gave $30-million to charity. That's way more than The One because liberals only like to give tax dollars to people, not their own money. 

-Last night I wrote that the polls being released by the major services are flawed or just wrong. I'm guessing the internal polling by the Obamatons are showing a looming disaster if they are going to the Romney is a racist card at this point.

 -San Francisco is a freak show. No big breaking story there, I know. But really, dudes are allowed to walk around naked and now people are shocked that they are getting it on in public? It must be doing wonders for the tourist trade. And dude, really, a "skid mark" law? I'm never, ever going to that fucking city.

 -So it's official. The Obama scam about the Libyan terror attack not being a terror attack but a protest that got out of hand was, in fact, a terror attack. Bush kept us from terror after 9/11 and Obama couldn't because he doesn't believe in terror but in "man-made disasters".

This post brought to you by S. E. Cupp because conservative women are hot:

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