Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Morning News & Notes

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Happy hump day. Off work and loving it today. Needed a day to hang with my boy.

Here's what's going on:

-Elizabeth Warren is playing the pity card because some Scott Brown supporters are hassling her with the "tomahawk chop".  How dare they make fun of her for something she unethically used to further her career at the expense of others.

-Hmmmm. Seems pretty damn plausible. Subterfuge?

-Bacon shortages in the very near future. American men hardest hit.

-We mustn't offend those who kill us by using loaded words like "terror" to describe a terror attack.

-I have a feeling we'll be finding out a lot of stuff like this in the not to distant future.

-I guess the old axiom things get better with age is proven wrong again. Madonna is even more of a pig now than she was in the 80's. She probably just gave 5% to Romney.

-Why people would be upset that a high school band celebrated a party that murdered millions is beyond me. I'm sure the whole idea to praise the Soviet Union came from the students and the lefty teacher just acceded to their collective wishes.

This post brought to you by Martha MacCallum because conservative women are hot.

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Marc Palmarini said...

Maddona said she would take her clothes off if obama won, I don't know about you but if she really wanted the Muslim in chief to win she'd threaten to take them off if people DIDN'T vote for obama.