Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mia Love Knocks It Out Of the Park

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Of the many speeches we heard last night, the one that moved me the most was the one given by Mayor Mia Love of Utah. Christie did what was supposed to do and explained about hard choices and financial restraint. Ann Romney humanized her husband as was her role and Artur Davis, Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz  were highly effective.

But this speech by a young mayor of a smallish town was way more effective because she told a story that is inspirational, truly American and hopeful. Think about the true role models for young African-American women we have the pleasure of hearing in this convention: Love and Condi Rice. If you want to inspire a group that has been destroyed by and taken for granted by the Democratic Party you would have them listen to these two women. They've probably faced racism numerous times in their lives but instead of playing the victim card, they opted to become better than those who cry racism or the very racists they faced and become great. 

Imagine a poor young black girl in Camden, NJ. She's been exposed to violence, despair and the vicious cycle of government "assistance" for her entire life. Imagine she was given the chance to see and hear the speech below given by a proud American who happens to be black and imagine if she took the words to heart and chose the other path, the path of self-reliance and self betterment. That one person could be the catalyst of a radical change in a community that has been beaten down by programs designed to make one dependent. NBC was so frightened by this thought that they wouldn't even show it because if one little spark were allowed to ignite a flame, there may well be reason for hope and that hope would topple the decaying house of cards implemented by failed government policies going to back to at least LBJ. 

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream that his children would be judged by the content of their character and that dream is alive. One example is below, the other speaks tonight. 

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