Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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-Romney and Ryan have the Obama-Biden team back on their heels. Obama never expected their rivals to not only talk about Medicare but to actually make it the centerpiece of their campaign. Here's Ryan with his mom in Florida:

-Romney needs Ohio to win. Ohio is a coal state. Obama is anti-coal and his EPA has decimated the coal industry with regulations. Hence, Romney attracts crowds like this (hat tip: Insty):

-Code Pink: Still around, still ignored and still lame

-Rahm Emanuel's Chicago is quickly becoming the most dangerous city in the US. 

-Go now and read Mark Steyn.

-Obama won't make Biden apologize for his "back in chains" comment but the liberal Boston Globe thinks he should. I'm guessing in Democrat circles the fear is starting to grow that Obama is going to lose this thing.

-Here's the latest battleground state poll numbers. Obama is up in all but by less than 2% in most. Once people sense a momentum shift, Romney will surge.

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