Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Mid-Day News and Notes

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Saturday's rule. Just finishing a cup of coffee before I cut the lawn.

Here's what's happening:

-Romney is up 2% on Obama Gallup's tracking poll. The initial week of trying to vilify Paul Ryan was a raging fail. I guess that's why Obama supporters--even the octogenarian ones--are resorting to vile measures.

-The charts that will sink Obama.

-Why are government agencies like Social Security buying hundreds of thousands of hollow point bullets? 

-Russian girl band Pussy Riot sang a short protest song against Mad Vlad Putin. Putin didn't taken it well and the band has been sentenced to 7-years in jail. Putin is trying to remake Russia but not exactly as Stalin had, more like a mix between Iosef and the Czars with absolute authority over everything but ruling oligarchs instead of a party apparatus.

-You know Romney and Ryan are winning the Medicare debate when even the Daily Beast acknowledges it.

-Democrats don't really care about the poor, they just care about raising taxes and revenue. Even when it comes to providing lunches to undernourished. kids.

-Finally, the Romney-Ryan ticket is starting to gain some momentum. Until after the convention and his nomination, Romney can't spend all the money he's accumulated (quite a haul). getting the message out will be critical to defeating Obama and the liberal agenda so give whatever you can to the campaign or its supporters. $5 will be a help to ensure that Obama's lies are challenged at every turn. I know it's been said before but it's time to say it again: this is the most crucial election of my lifetime and easily of the last 30-years. Explain the issues and the opposing viewpoints to those who may be as in tune with the daily political minutiae like you are. It could come down to a single vote.

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