Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Night News and Notes

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Work travel this week so not a lot of posting time.

Here's some of what I missed:

-I mentioned this before about former SEAL's taking Obama to task over the myriad leaks in his administration no doubt emanating from the White house. Here's the video and these dudes mean business as one would expect guys who do everything with complete seriousness:

Of course, the pussies who didn't have the balls to join the military actually said the organization did not have the "guts" to speak the truth.

 -Joe Biden is as much an international embarrassment than Obama.

-Ryan has energized the Romney campaign.

-You know the Obama campaign is scared shitless when you have idiots spouting this drivel. And by the way, just by not liking Obama you are a complete and utter racist.

-Imagine if a Romney supporter was responsible for the loss of $1-billion. Now imagine if the excuse was it just vaporized and the culprit has no idea what happened to the money. Do you think the individual would be destroyed by the media and prosecuted? Yea, me too. Fortunately for former NJ governor Jon Corzine, he's a top Obama money man and he's getting off scot free.

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Marc Palmarini said...

I am really shocked obama hasn't replaced Biden with Shrillary or some other person, but on the flip side of that coin, if hillary was your VP you'd have to look over your shoulder day in and day out lol