Saturday, August 04, 2012

Gay Day at Chick-Fil-A Goes About How'd You'd Expect

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After a record day in support of Chick-Fil-A--a great American company being vilified by the left for the views on gay marriage held by management--the other side turned out and the result is hilarity. When you juxtapose the pictures of sane, rational people making an effort to protect the rights of Americans to freedom of speech with those of the other side, it's striking.

Every time lefties try to mass their power by congregating, those of us not on the left just stare in amusement because America is a center-right nation and in our general mindset, they are not only worthy of our scorn but ridicule. Think about the Occupy movement: drugs, rapes, murders and dudes shitting in the street. Yeah, that really makes me want to join up and "fight the man".

Below we have a member of that particular demographic showing up that at "fascist" fast food establishment in support of his ideological brethren. The guy probably thinks he's making a statement or something (and where does one buy a shirt like that?) but instead it just makes the dude wearing it look like a fucking moron:

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It's funny, America has moved to the left of center on many social issues (gay unions being the most visible) for the most part but even the staunchest independent is not real keen on seeing two guys slobber all over each other in front of a restaurant just for the pure shock factor. And for the record, most of us don't want to see a guy and a girl doing it either.

But the guy pictured above is not just making a statement, he's going right for the jugular by attacking what many people consider to be their personal savior. I'd love to see the guy substitute "Jesus" with "Allah" and see how acceptable it would be. But of course he won't because he's a pussy and knows Christians will not attack him for blasphemy while Muslims will separate him from his brainless head.

Overall, I'd say Gay Day at Chick-Fil-A was a failure.

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