Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday Night News & Notes

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-Harry Reid's people respond to the rumors of him being a fan of little boys. Chilling is an apt description.

Ace heard Creepy Harry Reid is a pederast, it's now
up to Harry to prove he isn't. We're waiting.

-You know Hollywood is out of ideas when they re-make Total Recall

-Mitt Romney scores the coveted washed-up porn star endorsement. And since you had to look at Harry Reid's hideous mug, let's cleanse the palette with a a pic of Ms. Jameson who still looks okay for 36 and having been banged by hundreds of dudes :
-If you want to be blatantly homosexual, kiss your same sex partner and be okay with being "out" liberals love it. But don't ever, ever profess a belief in God or mention Jesus because you then become "unnerving". The hate America firsters at Salon just can't let an olympic champion gymnast who encompasses the best in America by her hard work and drive have her day. 

-Carbonite ditched Rush during the Sandra Fluke made-up controversy and now is paying the consequences. I'm hoping any conservatives who had stock in these weasels ditched it as soon as they bailed on the radio legend. 

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