Monday, July 09, 2012

Man Who Won't Release Any Important Documents Calls For Rival to Release His

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The hypocrisy is thick here:

The campaign released a new video that slams Romney for alleged reliance on tax havens, signaling a strong push to capitalize politically on a Vanity Fair magazine story about Romney’s holdings outside the U.S.
So the man who won't release any school transcripts, his SAT score, information on exactly how he managed to get to Harvard or Columbia or about when he spent an inordinate amount of time "choomin" and just about any other document that will give us insight into his youth is asking for Romney to release his records.

Romney's advocates have a nice talking point here; every time some Obama supporter mentions Romney's taxes, they should counter with "when is Obama going to release his grades from college" or something of the like. Romney need not get involved and the media will back Obama as always and ask him if it's something he supports asking these questions and he can stay above it all by saying simply they have a point but he wouldn't ask such a question...until he has to.

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