Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arab Spring Emboldens Islamic Terrorists

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Obama and Hillary Clinton praised the Arab Spring where we saw Hosni Mubarak ousted and the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power. Add to that the US-led ousting of Qadaffi and the continued instigation of Iran and you have a toxic mix for the region not seen since 1973 when Egyptian leader Abdel-Gamal Nasser rallied the Islamic states to attack Israel as a united front.

Earlier this week, a Swedish-born, ex-Guantanamo detainee attacked Israeli's in Bulgaria and killed 7 of them on a sight-seeing tour. A man who was caught by our troops in Tora-Bora in the early stages of the War on Terror and sent to Gitmo was responsible.

Mehdi-Muhammad Ghezali was a man who was not poor and raised in a Palestinian slum. Instead he was a Swede who grew up with all the comforts a socialistic society could give him. Instead he went to Afghanistan to wage jihad and was sent to Gitmo for it. Unfortunately Swedish leftists fought for his release and even flew him back to the Nordic nation on their own government-owned jet. 

Ghezali wasn't happy being just an average swede going to work and living a comfortable life. Instead he made the conscious decision to continue his jihad and the result was the death of more Israeli's who wished for nothing more than to enjoy the warm Bulgarian summer. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu pinned the blame squarely on Iran.

So how does this fit with the new world order where an organization founded by arch-terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri is considered a responsible part of the world community? The Muslim Brotherhood is Islamist to the bone and will open up Egypt to every terrorist group that has the money to bribe their way in. With huge swaths of desert to train in, Israeli's will never be safe and by extension, neither will the world. 

The new Egyptian junta has already secured an audience with Obama ensuring their legitimacy while meeting with terrorist group Hamas and hailed a "new era" with the organization that has but one goal; the eradication of Israel and all it's citizens. 

Add to this the potential exile of Bashar Assad and you will have a cauldron of Islamo-fascism not seen in decades. Radical Islamist's will be highly emboldened and can fight their war from behind safe borders where they will never be touched. America will not have the will or leadership under the current administration to take the battle to them and Obama will never risk alienating any leader. Said leaders will never allow themselves to be seen as an American puppet and will allow organized terror to thrive and export their power while maintaining plausible deniability. 

We are in the midst of one of those periods that history will note as crucial to world stability. Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria will unite. Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Afghanistan will have a hard slog maintaining neutrality as their radical elements will rise up and we could easily face a very determined Arab world with an initial goal of eliminating Israel and the ultimate goal of bringing the US to our knees. 

Strong leadership is needed right now and to sit back and allow the poison seed of Islamic revolt to grow and bloom will ensure 50 years of bloodshed and war.  

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