Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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The Phillies came back once again and beat Milwaukee. That makes three days in a row of come-from-behind wins. We ain't catching the Nats but we are keeping hope alive about that second wildcard.

Here's what else is happening:

-New media gets in on the act. It's amazing how a dude and his computer can turn out videos like this very rapidly:

-Dude jumps from 18 miles up and parachutes into the record books.

-Chuck Todd has to actually acknowledge that his networks poll was highly skewed. There's no way in hell the Democrats hold an 11% advantage after 4 years of Hope and Change (TM).

-As if we needed anymore proof that the entire area of DC is morally bankrupt, we have this. I always feel good about playing this video and it seems like just the right time:

-I've asked this a million times but will ask once more; have Jews finally realized that the democrats are actively against them and have always taken them for granted? Maybe they'll get it this time.

-The Best Bar Joke Ever? It's okay.

-Glenn Reynolds has a great idea, tax Hollywood. It's a running theme but one that deserves some investigation by President Romney.

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