Friday, June 22, 2012

The Thrill Is Gone: Obama Hurting For Money

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The man who made campaigning a full time job even in the months after winning an election has either tapped his supporters dry or just isn't that liked anymore.

Here we have Governor O'Malley:

He continued: “I think we all need to put our oars in the water and we all need to row forward and I think especially Democrats of means have to stop being so precious about the magic wand that the president hasn’t waved on this issue, that issue or the other issue. I mean, my goodness, I thought we were working and electing a president, not a magician here. This is the real world.”
Welcome to the world the rest of us Americans are living in: Liberals want more and more and give nothing back but that nice feeling of being called a cheapskate. O'Malley didn't just come up with this on his own, I've heard him, he's not that smart. no, there's deep concern in the Democratic party that the money they've counted on is starting to head the other direction or just plain sit this out.

I guess businessmen who gave to Obama last time around got little sick of being told they are selfish assholes and should give up some of what they've worked for in the name progressivism. Getting beaten by the man you supported to the tune of four, five or six figures gets really old after awhile I guess.

But hey, if by chance you are getting married, you can always have your friends and anticipated wedding guests pony up some funds for Barry and Michelle to continue living off the public teat.

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