Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Night Music--Alice In Chains Edition

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Alice in Chains was arguably the best of the Seattle grunge bands. Layne Staley had a voice that was incredibly unique and can't be duplicated. His songwriting abilities were excellent as well and he and Jerry Cantrell made magic together.

Unfortunately Layne couldn't beat his personal demons and heroin killed him. It's a sad story but also one in which we are left with some great music that has stood the test of time.

Let's start with Down in a Hole from MTV Unplugged. Note the nice harmonizing with Jerry and Layne:

Next we have the story of Jerry's dads struggles and victories in Vietnam. This song was written by Jerry and stands as one of the best they ever recorded. Jerry Sr. joined the band on stage in 2007 in Tulsa: Here's a very young Anthony Kiedis seeing a very young Alice in Chains at the Singles movie premiere party sing Would? Finally we have Layne joining Tool in Hawaii for Opiate. Video sucks but audio is decent. AiC and Maynard evidently respected each other immensely as Maynard joined the Chains for a couple in 2005:

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