Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Night News & Notes

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Happy Thursday. Only one more day until the glorious weekend. I'm sick of hearing people bitch about the heat, though.

-As I noted yesterday, Obama has forced the MSM to report on Fast and Furious that they studiously avoided earlier. I'm sure there's about ten people who actually watch CNN and MSNBC who are shaking there heads wondering what the hell Fast and furious is. Since they are not usually bright people, I'll make it easy on them: Eric Holder allowed guns to be sold to Mexican drug cartels under the   auspices of following them to the source and trying to find out how they are distributed. The agencies tasked with this failed to follow them and some were used to kill two American federal agents. Others were used to kill hundreds of Mexican nationals. Eric holder gave Obama plausible deniability until his own neck was on the line and Obama claimed executive privilege putting himself in the spotlight.

-Remember when the media shamelessly was ecstatic when the death count in Iraq reached 2,000. It was a gruesome display and liberals cheered every death as if it were another nail in Bush's own political coffin. Now that we've reached 2,000 in Obama's war, there's not the glee. Instead we hear silence. To those who've lost loved ones in our collective wars on terror, thank you for supporting those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. They live in the hearts of those who loved them and those who supported them.

-Jerry Sandusky is truly a vile animal and here's to hoping he gets what he deserves.

-Ann Coulter eviscerates a state representative. Reminder to self: never piss off Ann Coulter.

-New Jersey and Pennsylvania were on the verge of a comeback and seemed to be second in the nation behind the south in coming out of the recession. It appears that we are regressing. This isn't a good omen. I'll be honest and say that I work in manufacturing in NJ for a European-based company and we sell exclusively in North America so I'm not seeing it. Our output and productivity is way up but that's just a small snapshot.

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