Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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A beautiful morning in my little corner of the USA.

-It's funny that we are supposed to believe global warming models that go decades into the future while modern technology has not even allowed meteorologists to determine the path of an existing tropical storm:

- Debby will not move much today, then the jury is still out on exactly where it goes thereafter, with its track forecast continuing to be a particularly challenging one.
- With the large amount of uncertainty that exists, care must be exercised to not look at the single line of the official National Hurricane Center forecast, or for that matter in this case even the cone, and assume that Debby is definitely is going there -- it might, but not necessarily -- given the extreme dichotomy in model forecasts the past few days and in the vastly different paths available via the atmospheric forks in the road that exist. Some tropical cyclones have track forecasts which are very straightforward and are of high confidence. This one does not.
I get that climate is not weather--or isn't when it's not cooperating with climate change believers expectations--but long-range guesses are not worth spending trillions now.

-The folly of "green" power. Plus don't miss the ongoing environmental hypocrisy spewed from the mouth of yet another Kennedy.

-Why Fast and Furious matters. The key part of this is that two Americans died because of the operation. Second and almost as important is that the Obama administration did not notify Mexican authorities about the operation. Read it all.

-Here's a novel way to get Hispanics on your side, show them you have zero trust of them and take away their silverware before you speak so they can't use it as a weapon. I'm betting that guests at the shindig at Sarah Jessica Parker's crib didn't have to hand over their forks. But then, I'm sure there weren't too many minorities--especially Latinos--in attendance because they, like Jews and other minorities are only acknowledged by Democrats during election years.

-Chris Christie has done things in New Jersey that I never thought were possible. I hope Romney doesn't take him away from the state because the guy is really just getting started.

-There are very few people that I find revolting, that just looking at them turns my stomach and makes me wonder how someone so incredibly ugly and equally stupid could make a living on television. Joy Behar is the leader of this group of smug, bigoted, hypocritical, loathsome creatures:

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