Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama Claims Executive Privilege For Something He Supposedly Didn't Know About

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Fast and Furious is no longer just being reported on right-wing blogs and Fox News. Obama ensured that a great many more folks will learn about the incident in which ATF, with the knowledge of DOJ allowed guns to be purchased in the US and "walked" across the border in order to track them to drug cartels. At least that's the official story but a more likely scenario is that the Obama administration wanted to use the story of guns getting into the hands of Mexican drug lords to curtail our gun rights at home--but I digress.

So the guns--2000 of them--are transported across the border and FBI, DEA, DOJ and ATF was supposed to track them...they didn't. One of them turns up in a shooting death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and another in the death of Agent Jaime Zapata. Many more were used to murder at least 500 Mexicans. In short, the US government was complicit in mass murder in an operation that was flawed in theory and execution. More background here.

Just as an aside, it's not going to look real good that two men who served their country with bravery and honor are killed by guns allowed to be given to drug gangs while their families grief is scorned and they are essentially pissed on by the president.

Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA) asked AG Holder for emails and other correspondence pertaining to the case that is known as Fast and Furious. Holder turned over very little and what he did was heavily redacted. Issa pressed and Holder denied knowledge and kept refusing to turn over the documents that Issa is entitled to under the Constitution. Holder may also have perjured himself but we'll wait and see on that.

Yesterday--under threat of a committee vote to hold Holder in contempt--Holder tried to make a lame deal. Issa didn't bite and today the house Committee on Government Oversight voted to hold Holder in contempt along party lines. The next step is a full House vote next week according to Speaker Boehner and then it will be referred to a US prosecutor to get an indictment--a man or woman yet to be determined who works for...wait for it...Holder.

But before today's vote, President Obama claimed executive privilege--an executive order generally used to protect information regarding national security, diplomatic security or other sensitive information from being released. This is ironic since the Obama administration has been leaking information such as details of the Osama raid, drone strikes and other info that supposedly makes him look manly and tough.

So now we have a constitutional crisis unlike any before. I heard several liberals today say this is not remotely as bad as Watergate but as I recall, no one died when Liddy and the boys broke into a campaign office while two federal agents and hundreds of Mexicans have been killed in this case.

Obama has said from the beginning that he knew nothing about this, as did Holder. Holder does not work directly for the president but was appointed by him and approved by congress. in my limited law experience, I can't fathom how Obama can claim executive privilege when he claims to have no knowledge and Holder isn't covered under the law. Unless of course he did in fact know and is covering up.

It's further irony that Obamas stonewalling and the media complicity in not reporting the botched operation and subsequent death of agent Terry will now play into the hands of Issa and the GOP. If the media had done their jobs and reported the story in an unbiased fashion and when it occurred it would be nearly the story it's about to become. Giving guns to Mexican drug gangs and then allowing those guns to get lost only to turn up at the scene of a fatal shooting of an American citizen will not look good for this administration and the media will look worse then anyone for not reporting it straight. It's an enormous story now and the MSM are playing catchup.

You'll hear the left scream "Bush did it too" but just laugh at them. No, he didn't.

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