Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood Take Over

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Hosni Mubarak is/was a son of a bitch but he is/was a known and stable son of a bitch (Mubarak's actual state of being is in dispute). He managed to keep the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Islamic Jihad in check while keeping the peace treaty with Israel intact.

His ouster last year changed the face of the Middle East. With Islamist's winning in other nations such as Libya, we now have our hands full dealing with regimes who hate us and want our presence in the region curtailed. We face two very bad options with regard to Egypt: we continue to send them billions in aid and hope they stick to the agreement with Israel or we cut off the funding and watch the nation devolve into a haven for jihadi's right on Israel's southwestern border.

Either way, the region is going to become highly destabilized. The new president said he didn't want Cairo, Mecca or Medina as his capital, he wants Jerusalem and led a huge crowd in a chant saying exactly that:

Israel cannot sit idly by and see what direction this is headed. If it were up to me, I'd covertly arm Israel with whatever they need to shore up their defenses including spare parts for existing systems and increased intelligence sharing. We could very well be seeing the next pan-Arab coalition building that was last seen when Nasser was leading the charge and Israel was attacked by numerous Arab states.

On the flip side, Amir Tehiri sees some hope but that was before the election.

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