Sunday, June 24, 2012

How Fracking is Helping the Environment

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Via the Prof, Walter Russell Mead notes that tracking is reducing CO2 emissions more than Cap and Tax or any other ridiculous scheme:

Right now, fracking is doing more to control carbon emissions than all the efforts of all the greens in the world. And by promoting American (and Chinese!) domestic energy production, it is doing more to lay the foundations of world peace than all the peace activists and disarmament campaigners in the world. And by creating more well paid blue collar jobs both in gas and oil extraction and in the manufacturing industries that will grow to exploit the new cheap energy sources, fracking strengthens the American economy and the tax base, providing revenues for both federal and state governments.
Unfortunately that doesn't fit into the "green" agenda. You see, if we have clean domestic energy, we'll use more and their grand plan to redistribute our money to poorer nations will be harder to bring to fruition. They were never about cutting emissions or finding cleaner energy, that's just an easy vehicle to use to achieve their ends.

It's too late for Australia whose citizens are being forced to choke down the most onerous emissions regulations on the planet.

As an aside, Mead is an excellent writer and his posts are never boring. He chooses relevant topics and explains his views in a straight-forward, non-preachy manner.

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